Chairforce Table Legs – How to Select the Right Ones

If you own a DeskFold or a Desk Maximizer you no doubt have come across the DeskFold commercial featuring the new Table Legs, click here. The new model comes with a host of features that include: improved lifting capacity, safer operation, and better back support. However, are these features enough to justify the extra cost of the Table Legs?

Chairforce table legs

Before I answer that question I would like to know what it is that needs to be lifted off the table in order for the user to be able to work at it. Is it some piece of metal bolted to the table leg? Is it some wooden spike that lifts off and down to allow you to access the parts of the table? Or is it some other mechanism? I’m sure if you had to explain this to a trained engineer they could tell you the answer but we won’t.

All the above hinges on a hinge point and can lift the legs off the table in an instant. So why then does the DeskFold Company still sell such products? Why would a company that relies upon such illogical and unsafe manners of operating its machines still continue to use them? They should have stopped long ago because as far as safety concerns go lifting heavy objects off of a table is pretty poor.

There are two problems that can happen when using such machinery. The first can be attributed to the Lift Seat Syndrome. This condition can occur when the user sits down too low for the machine to pick up their full weight. The second is due to lifting the table leg from the floor up too quickly, and when the springs or cables snap the momentum of the entire table goes out the window and the user is stuck in the middle of it, upside down and with very painful pain.

To remedy both of these potential injuries a heavier duty lower leg lift kit should be used. The DeskFold Company claims that using DeskFold lower leg lift kits will prevent both of these accidents. They also recommend using a DeskFold extension kit on any models that have the lower lift arms.

DeskFold themselves recommend the use of DeskFold legs which is one of the most common ways of installing Desk Legs in a commercial setting. The legs are made of a hardwood which can handle a lot of weight. DeskFold uses heavy gauge steel instead of the lighter aluminum. All of the hardware they use is very sturdy and you will rarely ever have to replace it.

The best way to test if the DeskFold legs are the right ones for you is to take them apart and look at each piece. There should be very obvious wear and tear. The lift arms should be able to move independently, and the caster wheels should spin without rubbing against each other. If all of those things are true then the legs are probably the right ones for you.

Another common question from consumers is about how durable their Table Legs are. As far as durability goes, if the legs are properly assembled, there should be no issues with them breaking down. Some manufacturers recommend having two people when doing the assembly of a DeskFold table, especially if you have more than two tables. That is because the longer that the legs are joined together, the more likely the legs will start to separate over time. Over time, the weaker legs will start to break and the stronger upper legs will start to rust. A stronger top frame will help out considerably as well.