How To Choose a Car Window Tinting

What should you know about car window tinting before you schedule an appointment with a local technician to have your vehicle tinted? Your first step should be to make sure the local technician has been certified by auto insurers to do car window tints. Ask to see a list of certifications. Ask if the technician has been trained and is registered with the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) and has received an eyewash from an approved provider. You should also ask what type of insurance the technician carries and how long he/she has been in business.

Car window tinting

The percentage of visible light allowed into your car’s windows is called V LT: Vertical Light Loss or GLS. The average percentage of light allowed into your passenger films and windows is approximately 10%. The GLS percentage is actually a combination of rear windows and front windows. You should know that GLS does not mean visible light loss. It refers to the amount of invisible light entering the cab, and it does affect visibility. The best way to protect your visibility from GLS is to purchase high-gloss films designed to reduce or deflect the light.

The second thing you should know about car window tinting is about fading. When you have your windows tinted, a thin film of plastic film, called a film shield, is placed between the glass and the body of the car or truck. This prevents glares and other harmful sunlight from entering your automobile. However, the longer you leave your vehicle parked, or the more time you spend inside the vehicle, the more likely its windows will become faded from the heat and sunlight.

If you need auto window tinting for your headlights, turn the headlights out so that the auto window tinting can be read properly. You can also use a flashlight to illuminate the glass if it is dark. When you park your vehicle inside a dark parking lot, you should not leave it there for very long periods of time because the glass will begin to get faded from the heat and sunlight. Be sure to return to your car after a while or to another area inside the parking lot.

Some auto window tinting covers the front windshield and the back windshield. This type will not completely block the view of the driver from the backside or the front side windows. These types will also keep strong winds from blowing onto the front side windows. However, they do not prevent strong sunlight from entering the front windshield.

When you buy your vehicle, ask to see the instructions that come with the vehicle or online. Most dealers offer installation of the car window tinting on the back or front of the vehicle. They will fit over the factory windows with the use of the custom fit system. The installation of this system is quite easy and does not take long. Once you install your own vehicle window tinting, you will find that you have made an excellent investment in protecting your investment from the sun and ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.