Living in Alpharetta – Alpharetta Real Estate

About Alpharetta Real Estate. Alpharetta is the name of a small Italian town on the Adriatic sea, south of Venice. The history of Alpharetta goes back to the early 1830s, when colonialists and settlers traveling to this part of the world sought the promise of rich fertile farmland and community in property ownership. They found, instead, a long row of terracotta ruins left over from an ancient settlement that was abandoned long before the townspeople had time to appreciate its beauty. Today, years of neglect and abuse have stripped this beautiful town of much of its character, but it still retains a charming charm that stops people in their tracks and draws them back year after year.


Like many small towns on the coast, Alpharetta is a favorite place for sun tanning and for beach sports. The climate is pleasant all year round, making it ideal for vacationing. In fact, you may even find that the city is a great base for surfing and other water sports that appeal to a younger crowd. There are a number of real estate options to suit your taste for luxury, from secluded villas to seaside villas overlooking the ocean.

The arts and culture of the city are as varied and vibrant as the people who live there. You will find modern art galleries and museums, professional speaking events, classical music performances and shops selling all kinds of goods. The annual ‘Alpharetta gaiety’ festival is a major draw for the tourists and locals alike, with numerous parades, concerts and theatrical performances to entertain crowds of all ages. A quick glance at the calendar would reveal that there is always something going on in the city.

Alpharetta is served by two seaports. These are the inland and coastal seaports. With considerable importance placed on tourism, the city has come up with several strategies to attract visitors. There is a wide range of real estate agents to cater to properties in the area. They will be able to give you advice on your choices of property to purchase.

For those people who love to shop, there are an array of shopping centres in the city. These include several independent stores, some of which are family-run businesses, others offering both new and used items. It is also possible to get good bargains online, particularly from real estate agents. There are also a number of malls. These offer a variety of retail shops, restaurants and movie theatres.

In terms of culture, the city is home to one of the largest Italian communities outside of Rome. Many Italian families have settled in the area, bringing a wealth of cultural and educational experiences with them. The city’s famous “Petrissima Rossa” is a series of streets that stretch along the Piazza San Marco, a street that has been called the Street of Walls because of its many ancient wall paintings. Other attractions include the Caracol Airport, the Pantheon, and the Uffizi Gallery. The metro system provides frequent public transport to all parts of the city.