Train Dog to Walk on Leash – Simple Steps to Teach Your Puppy

It is essential that you train dog to walk on a leash. It is vital that you teach your dog to be obedient. A lot of dogs don’t know the meaning of discipline and when you do not train them how to behave it will become a major problem. Training a dog should start from puppy stage. When you are training your dog, make sure that he always follows what you tell him.

train dog to walk on leash

You need to get a leash for your dog and put it around his neck. Walk with your dog until he gets used to the leash. When he has become familiar with leash walk and begin moving ahead. Keep some distance between the two of you to let him learn that if he goes too far ahead of you, he may get caught and lose control over himself.

As soon as you see that your dog has become familiar with leash walk then start taking him to places where there is some pleasant atmosphere. Never start walking in a place that you haven’t been before if you don’t want your dog to get scared and panic. Always carry treats with you, so that you can lure your dog towards your scent and not towards others.

Always start leash training whenever you have some free time. Don’t wait until your dog gets really lonely or you just can’t stand the idea of him being alone for long. When you start training your dog always keep him at the end of the leash so that he will always be able to bring you with him.

You can train your dog by showing him what to do whenever you are going out. The first command that you should teach your dog is sitting. You can do this by putting his back against the leash. When your dog is sitting, you should reward him with a treat. Gradually increase the amount of treats that you give your dog as you continue to practice.

One mistake that most owners make while they are training their dogs is that they start tugging on their leash when they see that their dog has stopped pulling. Always start your dog’s training by letting him know that he is perfectly OK to stop pulling and that pulling will only lead to his pulling again. If you pull your dog because you want him to move out of the way of something, he will never understand that he shouldn’t pull because he can’t get to something or because he feels threatened. Dogs learn only from example and by giving him enough example of his behavior.