Troy and Gallipoli Day Trip From Istanbul

“Troy and Gallipoli day trip from Istanbul.” That is how I begin my descriptions of the fascinating experiences I had last week while taking a short vacation in Turkey. I had decided to take a Troy and Gallipoli day trip as part of my Turkey vacation to experience the beautiful region of Mediterranean Sea that borders both Northern and Southern Aegean Seas. My wife and I had already planned to travel to some of the key cities of the region, such as Antalya, heads of thereek and Marmaris, and other historical centers. We also wanted to travel to the mostly untouched seacoast of the Mediterranean Sea and its islands of Kos and Lesbos.

Troy and Gallipoli day trip from Istanbul

Our short trip was a great opportunity to be exposed to a region that I have rarely visited before. Our guided tour guide from Istanbul told us interesting facts about the region’s rich cultural heritage, its historical and geographical heritage, and its fascinating present condition. We spent several hours touring the sites and taking pictures at some of the wonderful beaches on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. A Troy and Gallipoli day trip was an enjoyable experience of a lifetime.

The first thing we did when we got off the plane was to visit the tomb of Troy’s kings, those were the ruins of the city of Troy built by their conqueror Troy. We found a park with ruins of the once thriving city. It was very interesting to see how the city was abandoned and rebuilt during the Roman times. Near the harbor, you can find the ruins of a gymnasium where the Trojans once trained their gladiators. Troy and Gallipoli day trips are very well organized in the region and you can find tons of information on them on the Internet.

Our second stop was the capital of Thrace, Athens. I had read about the impressive architectural styles of the city many times and felt fascinated by it. The Erectheion was constructed around the fourteenth century BC and is considered one of the best examples of Greek construction. The Acropolis is a massive construction that was completed in the fourth century BC and is still one of the finest examples of Greek architecture. The Parthenon has been called the last Pylos remaining as a surviving structure after the Trojans’ sack of the city. After taking in all these marvelous sights we decided to head back to Istanbul for some Rodeo Drive and to view the spectacular fireworks display.

After a quick stopover in Athens we took a short ride over to the peninsula of Dalaman, the most northern point of the region, and the gateway to the Black Sea. This region boasts a picturesque shoreline and plenty of interesting ruins, old towns, villages, and resorts. It was really exciting to see how far the peninsula has sunk into the sea. We took many pictures of the sunken shipwrecks and enjoyed the breathtaking views along the coastlines. A Troy and Gallipoli day trip are a must on this part of the world.

On our third trip to the region we made a short trip to the village of Marmaris. Marmaris is home to olive groves, a large number of fishermen, and an ancient center for the leather trade. We spent a little over two hours enjoying the greenery, and while we were there we also enjoyed the unique smell of cloves and sultanas. This quaint seaside village was one of our favorite stops on our Troy and Gallipoli trip.